Brass Instrument Piston Valve Problems

  • 1.    Piston Valves move but are sluggish and stick occasionally.
         Remove the valves and valve caps one at a time. Clean the valve casing with a valve case brush
         or a soft cloth wrapped around a short cleaning rod. Clean the valve using a brush and a solution
         of warm water and brass soap. Dry the valve thoroughly and allow to stand for some time.
         Apply a few drops of appropriate valve oil and then replace.
  • 2.    Piston Valve keeps spinning in casing and doesn’t click into place.
        Check each of the valve guides one at a time to make sure they are right side up and are not broken.
        Use another valve as a model if you are not sure. If the guide is broken you need to take the instrument
        to a professional instrument repairer.
  • 3.    The Piston Valve Instrument doesn’t play.
      Starting with the third valve, remove each piston valve one at a time to make sure it is in the right
      casing facing the right direction. The numbers usually face the mouthpiece. Reinstall the valves
      correctly and try again.
  • 4.    Piston Valve is completely stuck.
        Apply a few drops of oil to the valve through the valve slide. Leave for an hour or two and then try to release by hand.