Steiner Music's Brass Instrument Soap is ideal for instrument bath time or washing those slides and other components which have accumulated dirt, grime, grease, oils, and sludge after hours of playing. Dilute the phosphate free,  biodegradable, low foaming concentrated liquid in warm water - as advised in the instructions. Avoid the water being too hot when cleaning lacquered instruments. On unlacquered instruments Steiner Brass Soap will also help remove dark oxides. 50ml bottle. Steiner Brass Soap may be used on all of the usual metals which wind instruments are made from.

I gave my 70 year old trombone a bath with the soap the other day, you should've seen the colour of the bath water afterwards, yuk! Obviously never been bathed before... The soap worked brilliantly, completely removed the smell, and it shined up lovely. Great stuff, I'll buy some more when this runs out." M.S. London, March 2014.