Steiner Turntable Lubricant Light 50ml, with luer lock cap and easy to use needle oiler. This is similar to an ISO9 lubricant.

    In 2015 Steiner were challenged by two individual clients to prepare a clean and odourless lubricant at a reasonable price for use in Turntables. The result of that challenge is three types of Turntable oils providing good lubricity, high film strength, low evaporation, resistance to emulsion formation
    and peak performance irrespective of temperature.

    In simple terms Steiner Turntable Oil Classic is similar in viscosity to an ISO68 lubricant. It is also similar to 5W 30W oils but without the negative characteristics that those bring to a turntable situation.

    Steiner’s Turntable Oil Light is a low viscosity lubricant similar to an ISO9 lubricant. It is also similar to a Sewing Machine Oil, but without the strong odour that attends that.

    Steiner’s Turntable Oil Regular is similar to an ISO46 lubricant. It is not dissimilar in some respects to Rega Oils.

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